A new division of Lakeland Holding Ltd., Lakeland Solutions is dedicated to furthering electricity innovation. From smart homes to grid developments and developing energy markets, Lakeland Solutions is changing the way we view power. 

Lakeland Solutions currently has developed, deployed and found success in two major energy projects.

The world’s energy markets are in transition and energy remains a focus for Governments all over the world. This includes energy management, infrastructure costs, transactive energy, the focus on electrification and deploying environmentally acceptable solutions. Energy is a global priority and offers Lakeland Solutions unique opportunities for growth. Lakeland has currently deployed two major energy innovation projects: SPEEDIER and DEMOCRASI.

The objective of this project is to create a Smart, Proactive, Enabled, Energy Distribution – Intelligently, Efficiently and Responsive (SPEEDIER) grid that builds towards a net zero smart community in the Town of Parry Sound. This is a unique opportunity where a rural municipality of 6,000 residents is pledging to be net zero in partnership with Bracebridge Generation.

SPEEDIER Video Series

The need for SPEEDIER

How SPEEDIER came about and how it will assist the Town of Parry Sound.

Batteries and Microgrid

A quick dive into the SPEEDIER microgrid and battery storage systems.


The SPEEDIER solar installation and its importance to the project.

Residential Assets

The benefits of home energy conservation technology.


The Final Steps of the SPEEDIER Project.

The second project launched by Lakeland, DEMOCRASI uses the assets of the initial SPEEDIER project. For this project, Bracebridge Generation again partnered with Opus One, using their Grid-OS® Optimization Engine, and also Kiwi Power, to integrate their Core Aggregator Platform. The result is a joint product solution that allows the assets to participate in electricity markets in a way that is safe for the grid, giving utilities visibility of all assets to ensure network health.

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